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Jonathan Walker is an author of military history and lecturer on aspects of 20th Century warfare. A keen battlefield walker, he has visited numerous sites of conflict across Europe, South Africa, America and Asia. His books reflect his wide interest in not only the strategies and tactics of warfare but also the individual men and women involved in those hostilities. His subjects are of interest to the academic as well as general reader and his lively narratives are spiced with numerous personal testimonies. He relies on primary sources to validate these tales of heroism and self-sacrifice as well as disaster — stories that cannot fail to move the reader .

Featured Books

D-Day, Arnhem and The Rhine – A Glider Pilot’s Story

D-Day, Arnhem and The Rhine – A Glider Pilot’s Story A chance meeting between Jonathan…

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Operation Unthinkable

Churchill’s audacious plan to attack the Soviet Union at the end of WWII
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The Blue Beast

The epic true story of three beautiful mistresses and their lovers—the PM, the C-in-C and the Quartermaster-General. An untold tale of scandal and reckless conduct at the pinnacle of British society.
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War Letters To A Wife

Extraordinarily moving letters from an officer on the frontline. Fighting with the Coldstream, Irish & Londoners during WWI.
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The Blood Tub

The first full story of the tragic but heroic Battle of Bullecourt, 1917. British & Australians clash on the Western Front.
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Aden Insurgency

The last battle of the British Empire. A history of the bitter struggle between Britain & Nasser for control of the Arabian Peninsula.
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Poland Alone

The untold story of Britain’s Special Operations Executive (SOE) and the collapse of the Polish Resistance in 1944.
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Videos & Podcasts

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Aden Insurgency 1962-67 (Jonathan Walker)

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